The South American 
“Visible Human” Mirror Site


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Table of Contents

The South American “Visible Human” Mirror Site 

SA-VHD Project Leaders 

The Location of VHD Campinas 

What is Campinas 


The Center for Biomedical Informatics 

NIB/UNICAMP Internet Projects 

Medical Informatics Education 

The e*pub Project 

Present Status 

Present Status 

VHD Dissemination Activities 

Brazilian Internet Connectivity 

Brazilian Internet Statistics 

Current SA-VHD Projects 

Brain & Mind Magazine 

Virtual Neurobiology Course 

Multimedia Anatomic Atlas 

Virtual Anatomic Atlas 


Development Methodologies 

Virtual Anatomic Atlas 

Java Anatomic Viewer 

Anatomic Quiz Mode 

Active Anatomic Notepad 

Future Scenarios 

Contact Information

Authors: Renato M.E. Sabbatini, Silvia Helena Cardoso and Francesco Langone 


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Conference Presented at the II Visible Human Conference of the Milan Mirror Site, February 1999. 

Copyright 1999 State University of Campinas, Brazil