Remembrances from High School Times
The "Culto a Ciência" School

Campinas, Brazil

All photos are from 1962-1964, my high-school years.
Renato M.E. Sabbatini
Photographs taken from the unofficial site of the college

The Teachers

Prof. José de Almeida

Prof Auzenda Frattini

Prof. Manoel Basilio M.
de Barros

Prof. Pedro Calazans
de Morais (Science)

Prof. Benevenuto Figueiredo
Torres (Latin)

Prof Hilton Federici

Prof. Pedro Stucchi Sobrinho
(Physical Education)

Profs. Maria José Biaggio

Prof. Livio Thomas Pereira
Prof. Margot Gallo Proença
Prof. Ignacio C. Landell
Prof. Mercedes Ribeiro de
Castro (Portuguese)

Prof. Maria José Marques
Camargo (Geography)

The Principals

Prof. Telemaco Paioli Melges

Prof. Celina Duarte Martinho
(Pegagogical Supervisor)

The College

The Classes

A class of Geography with Prof. Hilton

A Physics class. The laboratory was also very sophisticated. Our teacher, Prof. Moacyr, had graduated in the
same University of São Paulo class wherefrom most of the highest-caliber names in Brazilian physics research

Here we see how sophisticated and well endowed was a public school in that period, before the great
expansion which took place in 1965-1970 in Brazil, when quality was widely sacrificed at the expense
of quantity (coverage). The biology lab had preserved animais of the Brazilian fauna, anatomical models and
charts, lab kits, microscopes and even 16 mm educational films and a projector! Every teacher had also
a lab assistant (here shown pointing at the anatomical model).

Also a very well equipped lab, with full capacity for practical classes in general and inorganic chemistry.

Another view of the Chemistry classroom, with Prof. Almeida giving a class.

A typical class, where Dr. Mariinha, our orpheon and music teacher would play the piano and we would
merrily sing along.

Office Practice
An excellent and much sought-after subject matter, where we would learn how to type, to organize a filing
systems, etc.

The Library

It was a great library, where earnest students spent a great deal of time. Well kept and indexed, it had more
than 20,000 books, and ample space for reading and studying. A sheer delight, who made great impressions
and influence on the life of so many students.